Retreat Topics

Beautiful Feet: A Day Spa for Your Soul

Prayer is something women are told they should do more of, but practical strategies for making it part of a busy day are hard to find. This retreat offers just that. While whisking women away for “me-time” Kathryn helps them develop a personal prayer book and steps for a life-changing prayer routine. Scrap-booking enthusiasts will love her aproach.

Gold, Silver, Precious Stones: A Treasure Quest

Kathryn thinks God was the first collector. Whether we have official collections, extensive photo albums, or merely random bits of memories, every woman collects precious things. This retreat sends women on a scavenger hunt for the spiritual treasures of their past and future. At the end, participants will have discovered the treasures of wisdom and knowledge found in Christ Jesus.

The Princess Project

Every girl longs to be a princess. From the country music song “Stealing Cinderella” to the daily devotion book His Princess by Sheri Rose Shepherd and little girls’ fascination with the Disney princesses, the idea permeates our secular and Christian cultures. Capitalizing on this current craze, Kathryn tells her salvation testimony as a journey to princess status in a parallel to the Cinderella fairy tale. At the end of her story she leads her audience to the truth that every girl is created to be a princess. With this in mind, she teaches how to be what you are, a true princess. This can be a stand-alone speech, or an entire weekend event for women and girls.



  1. Your writing about Bible is very encouraging and inspiring! I really enjoy reading it!! Keep up your good work!

    God bless

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