Her Story

Kathryn was born into a ministry home. Her father, a bi-vocational pastor, also taught Psychology at a small Baptist college. Growing up in the church, she learned the Bible as a child, but failed to distinguish between doing the right things and establishing a relationship with God. Baptized at the age of eleven, Kathryn and everyone else assumed she was a Christian.

But in high school, she came to the realization that she was somehow different from her Christian friends. This produced a vague sense of unease which remained until ten months after her marriage. She attended a Sunday School class in which the teacher taught the need for a daily quiet time of Bible reading and prayer. Kathryn decided the lack of this time in her life must be responsible for the difference she felt.

So, she began reading the Bible and praying every day. Before long, the truth blazed into her consciousness. She knew she was lost, never having invited Jesus Christ into her life. She also knew if she died before doing it, she would not go to heaven. One morning, she knelt by her dining room chair and prayed, asking God to forgive her sinful condition and asking Jesus to come into her heart to save her.

Kathryn remembers how the room took on a sun-shiny glow, even though the curtains were closed. It seemed as if the weight of the world had been lifted. From that day on, she has experienced the power of the Holy Spirit at work in her life. The insecurities which had plagued her mind for years gradually peeled away, and now she walks in confidence produced by a life spent with her Savior.

Over the last several years, God has been growing a passion in Kathryn’s heart for leading women into closer relationships with Him through prayer and Bible study. It began when she led a retreat for ladies in her church on prayer. She put together some things she had learned over the years and presented them in a spa-themed weekend event. She still has women tell her that what they learned at the retreat changed their lives. This material became the basis for the Beautiful Feet: A Day Spa for Your Soul Bible study.

In 2011, Kathryn battled breast cancer with chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. After eight months of treatment, she was pronounced cancer-free, and remains so. The cancer experience taught her compassion for those who suffer or who grieve. The Lord used the experience to set Kathryn free from any fear and brought her into a whole new dimension in her relationship with Him. This is why she now says she lives “On the Other Side of Comfortable.”


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