Beautiful Feet: A Day Spa for Your Soul

This five-week Bible study is a prayer make-over based around a pedicure. It will refresh your soul and perk up your prayer life. Beautiful Feet draws women into a discovery that prayer time really is like spa time. It is both restful and delightful with beautiful, life-changing results. The book includes a leader guide and step-by-step instructions for scrap-booking a personal prayer book. It is an expansion of Kathryn’s popular retreat material.

The book is available at, Barnes& or from Kathryn. Contact her at

What women are saying:

“Thank you, Kathryn, for taking God’s Word and applying it in a way that speaks to the woman who needs God’s pampering.” — Janet

“Months after completing the Bible study, I am still utilizing my prayer book. It has brought great self-discipline into my prayer life. . . I am growing to see the world more through Christ’s eyes. . . I pray many other women’s lives will be enriched as mine has been.” — Anita

“Kathryn shared this Bible study in my home. Each participant found it to be helpful, uplifting, challenging, and very interesting.” — Doris

“My favorite parts of the Beautiful Feet Bible study were learning about the names of God and the night we gave our testimonies.” — Carolyn


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