Posted by: kathryngraves | August 23, 2017

Are You Aware

Goose bumps ran up my arms. The room vibrated with a drum cadence just before the crowd yelled the chorus, “I ran out of that grave!” And then the band and camp kids in the audience rocked out in a joyful expression of truth. We, as believers, have been rescued from the grave just like Lazarus was when Jesus raised him from the dead.

But right before youth camp, I felt a distance creep between myself and the Holy Spirit. I didn’t like it, and I wanted things to change, but nothing happened. So I prayed that while I was at camp, and attending a conference for writers the week after camp, God would do something.

In my prayer, I asked God to make me more aware of the presence of his Holy Spirit.

If you feel the same way I did, let me encourage you to pray that prayer. And then take concrete steps to put yourself into spaces where God is allowed to move. Where are these?

  • Your kitchen when nobody else is at home. Get out your Bible and read it. Then pray. This is the place I meet God every day. And He has shown me some pretty incredible things from scripture over the years.
  • Church. If it’s been a while since you’ve gone, go back. Seek out a church where the Bible is preached and the music touches you. I’m editing this post on a Sunday afternoon following powerful worship times at our church this morning.
  • A Bible study. A group study helps us stay focused.
  • A retreat or one-day event where the speakers and musicians are well-known, such as Women of Faith.
  • A conference or event offered by your local church outside the normal schedule.


Sometimes we need to be shaken up a little bit. Youth camp can do that for you if you’re over 30! But so can simply getting away from your normal routine for a few hours or a few days.

This prayer is one God will always answer with a “yes.” Let me describe how He answered it for me, because He didn’t stop with that song at camp.

  • Other songs at camp spoke to my soul, such as Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here.
  • The preaching at camp. One sermon in particular seemed pointed right at me.
  • Worship times sprinkles throughout the schedule at the conference.
  • Music by Jenny Owens at the conference.
  • A breakfast sponsored by Carol Kent and her Speak-Up Ministry.

The breakfast culminated the answer to my prayer. It was held in a spectacular hotel ballroom. After we ate, we stood in a circle around a grand piano. While Frances Drost led us in singing worship songs, the presence of the Holy Spirit hovered over us. And I doubled over with my face to the floor.

All the music settings could not have been more different. And yet, they each served a purpose in my search. This points out something–we need to be open to whatever God decides to do. I could have said the band was too loud, or the piano too classical. I could have said the worship time was just extra at the conference and opted out. I could have refused to go to camp as a sponsor. I could have been intimidated as a newbie at the conference.

But I was too hungry for a fresh wind from the Lord to let those sorts of thoughts get in the way. I experienced an amazing answer to my simple little prayer. And I think God is waiting to hear your prayer. He wants to show you something amazing, too.


Photos: Pixabay




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