Posted by: kathryngraves | August 16, 2017

Confident Style

Does your crazy life make you tired? I talk to women all the time who tell me they forgot what “normal life” looks like. Their schedules overwhelm them. They struggle to keep it all together on a daily basis. I notice that their wardrobe choices often reflect their harried feelings. Many women dress the part, even though I’m sure they don’t realize it.

What does tired, frazzled, and rushed look like in terms of fashion?

  • Leggings, yoga pants, or old jeans
  • T-shirt left over from high school or college
  • Sport bra (or saggy old favorite)
  • Hair pulled back in a sloppy pony tail, no matter the occasion
  • Flip-flops or sneakers
  • No jewelry

When I see a gal dressed this way out shopping or in a restaurant, or anywhere other than in the gym, out running, or at the park with her kids, I know what her life feels like.

Is this the image you want to project, even if it is your reality? I know, we need to keep it real and not put on airs. But I have discovered that if I feel good about the way I look, it helps my attitude. My spirits rise. I’m more optimistic. The feel-good sensation leeks over into other areas of my life.


This concept might sound shallow to you, but maybe that’s because you’ve never experienced its power.

What does a woman look like when she’s got it all together?

  • Great shoes
  • Pants or skirt appropriate for the occasion
  • A top that is not a t-shirt
  • Supportive foundation wear
  • Hair that looks freshly washed and styled
  • A bit of make-up, even if only mascara and a touch of blush
  • Some jewelry–minimum of earrings

Notice I listed great shoes first. Shoes can make or break an outfit. I was a slow learner of this principle. But now I’m convinced of its truth. I don’t own a lot of pairs of shoes because my feet are difficult to fit, but the ones I do have are fashion statements–complete with orthotic support.

Make-up is not a necessity if you have great skin and normally don’t wear it. But most of us are not so fortunate. Looking too pale sends the “tired” message loud and clear.

I’m not necessarily advocating washing your hair every day. On days we don’t, we can still opt for style, either with hair product or cute barrettes or clips.

The women who we think are beautiful are usually the ones who:

  1. Simply know how to wear their hair and make-up.
  2. Know how to accessorize their outfits.
  3. And they put a little effort into choosing their clothes.

But they are not necessarily drop-dead gorgeous, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

This can be you.

Is there one thing on the “put-together” list you can add to your morning routine?

I’d love you hear your experiences with dressing for confidence.





  1. So true!

  2. So true!

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