Posted by: kathryngraves | June 28, 2017

21 Day Fix Review

In case you missed it, the 21-Day Fix diet and fitness plan is sweeping Facebook. I’ve seen the before and after photos of real people I know and the results look terrific. So I thought I’d give you my take on it.

Positives of 21-Day Fix

  • There is a plan to follow. This helps most folks begin a lifestyle change.
  • The plan is simple. Colored containers in appropriate sizes are filled with designated foods that will be eaten in a day. Each person’s number of containers is determined by a mathematical calculation of caloric intake need.
  • The containers teach portion control.
  • Exercise is built into the plan.
  • By using the 21 Day designation, motivation is built in. I can do anything for only 21 days.
  • Recipes are flexible. You can eat what you like and prepare it the way you prefer. Your only limitation is your containers.
  • The containers are for real, whole foods like vegetables, fruits, “good for you” fats, protein, etc.

Negatives of 21-Day Fix

  • Containers must be purchased from the creators of the diet plan in order to get the exact size requirement.
  • What if more than one person in the house is on the diet, with differing numbers of required/limited containers? How does that affect dinner preparation?
  • 21 days isn’t long enough to change years of bad habits. It seems people go on and off of the diet in cycles. If the on/off gradually results in more “on” than “off” days, this turns into a positive, but only then.

Because the creators of this plan encourage whole, unprocessed food, it falls in the clean eating camp. I would go a step further and encourage organic whenever possible for fruits and vegetables and grass-fed, free-range for meat and dairy.

There is, of course, a companion cookbook, but while this is helpful, it is not required. No points or calories or weights need to be measured.

Just from a limited bit of research, I’m inclined to think the 21-Day Fix is a great way to begin your journey to fit and healthy.



Photo: Pixabay


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