Posted by: kathryngraves | March 28, 2017

Not Just any Lullaby

I discovered some old pictures stashed in a box the other day. Some of them were of our grandson when he was a baby. I smiled, remembering how I savored the moments when I sat rocking him in his spiffy new nursery. I whispered into his tiny ear that I loved him and he was my favorite. (He is my only grandchild, so he gets favored status.) I also sang songs to lull him to sleep.


Photo: Pixabay

As Carson left babyhood behind to become a preschooler, the songs I sang changed. Sometimes we sang together. The alphabet song could be loud and crazy-mixed up when we failed to contain our silliness.

Toys sing to children, too. Carson owned what his dad called an “insecure” toy because it burst into song and music spontaneously whenever it sensed a person nearby–and sometimes when it didn’t. Jeremy decided it was a robotic ploy to gain friends. I decided it was creepy.

Carson is a Cub Scout now, and that brings back my own memories of Girl Scouting. We sang silly songs and giggled inside our sleeping bags to keep warm on early-spring campouts.

Children love songs and small children love to be sung to. But don’t we love songs, and being sung to, as adults? And isn’t it the greatest thrill to attend a concert and be picked out of the audience for the lead singer to sing to? Ladies, you know I’m talking about you!

My husband and I began dating in college. His fraternity held a tradition once each semester to choose a night and go around the campus, singing under the dorm window of each of their sweethearts. They didn’t sing under a girl’s window if they were merely dating. This honor was only extended to serious relationships. It usually meant a proposal of marriage was next in the guy’s mind. The night they sang under my window, girls gathered from all over the hall to see who the lucky one was and to congratulate me.

Did you know that God sings to you? He sings lullabies when we need to be quieted and loud songs when He rejoices with us–and because of us. Zephaniah 3:17 says, “The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.”

Usually when we sing to children, we don’t choose a random child. We sing to the ones we love. God is like that. He sings to you because you are the one He loves. This morning, sing along. Savor the moment.



  1. This post brings back a lot of memories of my childhood, dating, marriage, children, and grandchildren. And I love the thought of God “exulting over [me] with loud singing.” Thank you for this encouraging word!

  2. Yes, being sung over is a thrill and it brings peace. I can remember Van playing his guitar & singing to me when we were dating and newly married. All the singing when we traveled as a family. And singing to babies. Thank you for the blessing today. This is one of my favorite verses. God exults over us with singing!

  3. How beautifully worded Kathy. My heart is exulted today, knowing that my God sings to ME! What an encouragement that is.

  4. That is so encouraging! I had never heard it put that way. Your writing is such a blessing.

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