Posted by: kathryngraves | September 22, 2016

The Small Stuff

Last week I drove to Chanute, Kansas to speak to a group of women at their monthly Christian Womens Club (Stonecroft Ministries) meeting. This was a fun, friendly group with whom I felt a real connection. My message to them is the same as my message has long been on this site: Jesus is the Beautiful One and He loves you and me and wants to make us beautiful as a reflection of Himself.

Last night our church joined a simulcast of a national prayer meeting. A long list of the Christian leaders, both men and women, whose names we all recognize stood on the platform to pray, read scripture, and give words from God. Max Lucado, Kay Arthur, Tony Evans, Priscilla Shirer, James Robinson, Anne Graham Lotz, and many, many others, all came together to pray for our families, our churches, and our nation. It was a night I hope none of us ever forgets. Because it was a night when God got through.

This morning I spent a longer time than usual reading my Bible and praying. Another thing that has been a passion of mine for years is teaching the Bible and leading others to read it every day and study it. One of the chapters in today’s reading was 2 Chronicles 22. A very wicked king dies and his even more wicked mother kills all the possible heirs so she can become queen. But the heroine of the story is Jehothabeath, sister of the deceased king, who manages to save one heir. He was Joash, a young child. She hid him away in a bedroom for six years. Nobody knew. Nobody cared. Except God. She alone loved the Lord and obeyed His leading.

This is incredible beauty and faith in action. To do what is right when only God knows is the ultimate beauty-producer. In our culture today, doing what is right and obeying the Lord is increasingly difficult and potentially dangerous. It is often easier to listen to the words of people who set themselves up as experts rather than read and listen to the Word of God.

Today my commitment to God is to be faithful in the small stuff. The small stuff is what the foundation for the big stuff is made of. I don’t really care whether I’m part of any big thing for God. That’s His department. I will simply do what I already know to do: Read the Bible and pray every day. Write what the Lord puts on my heart to write. Teach the Bible. Sing praises to my Savior. And tell the reason why to the people around me.

I’m chasing Beautiful, and His name is Jesus.


One Beautiful Morning

Photo by Kathryn Graves



  1. It was an awesome gathering! Praise God!! Love your post!!! Keep it up! Love

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Love your post Kathy. Makes me feel closer to home. Miss my Ks. connections!!

  3. Thank you Kathy. I needed to hear this today!

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