Posted by: kathryngraves | March 29, 2016

3 Steps to Beautiful

Everyone wants to know how to look more beautiful without much effort. Most articles written about the subject include the word “easy” and a small number of “steps” or “ways” to follow. Supposedly, if one follows that advice, radiant, eye-popping beauty will result. If the article covers weight loss, you’ll be incredibly thin. If it covers nutrition, you’ll never become sick again. If fashion is the topic, you’ll always know just what to wear and how to wear it every day that season, and so on.

This article is different. While it does offer only three “steps”, they are not necessarily easy, nor do they promise instant glamour. What I do hope you gain is a new perspective on the subject.

  1. Erase lines and wrinkles. No, I’m not talking about a magical cream or plastic surgery or injections. Let me illustrate it this way. Maybe when you were growing up you heard your mother say, “Stop frowning. Your face will freeze that way.” Turns out she might have been right. Several years ago, while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, I dealt with a lot of grief and pain. I didn’t realize until later, but I wrinkled my brow with emotion. After the battle was over, I retained permanent wrinkle lines on my forehead. The best way to prevent this problem is to discover joy. When we smile, it eases those lines and opens them up like the best facial. I’m not talking about surface happiness here, but deep inner joy that comes from your relationship with Jesus. Just as you cleanse your face both morning and night, remember your joy in the Lord both morning and night. Consider twice-a-day instead of once-a-day devotions. Think about the good things. Develop a habit of gratitude. If I had spent more time thanking the Lord for His mercy and grace, and less time grieving my losses, maybe my own wrinkles wouldn’t be so deep.
  2. Exercise. Physical exercise, such as the yoga and walking I prefer, promotes a strong, limber body and overall wellness. Likewise, we need to invite peace into our minds and hearts for spiritual and emotional wellness. This is not Eastern mysticism. This is taking Jesus at His word when He said in John 14:27, “My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” When we take time to ask the Lord for peace, He gives it to us. As Christians, His Spirit lives inside us, infusing us with His qualities. We just have to take time to re-orient our awareness toward the Holy Spirit. Like setting time aside for an exercise routine, we must set aside time to pray. Yes, tell the Lord what concerns you, but also find scripture prayers that you can pray over loved ones. Paul wrote some powerful ones into the New Testament letters he penned. For instance, try praying Ephesians 1:16-19 over one of your children.
  3. Promote healing through a healthy lifestyle. Diseases like diabetes and heart disease require a change of lifestyle habits to keep under control. Patients are told to avoid eating certain foods, eat more of other foods, and exercise. Healing from our past also involves changing our behavior and thought patterns. The lame man in John 5 chose to trust Jesus for his future and Jesus healed him. Later, Jesus saw him again and told him to “sin no more.” It wasn’t sin that made him lame, but his healing was more than physical. It was also spiritual. His sins were forgiven and he was saved. But going forward, his behavior and thought patterns had to change. We also need to choose to trust the Lord, and then to obey Him in every area that He shows us. Obedience to the Lord heals us from our past and keeps us healthy in the future.

There is no one more beautiful than a radiant, joyful woman who is at peace with her life and her future.


Photo of Brainard Lake, CO by Kathryn Graves



  1. I needed these reminders again today, Kathy! Thank you! Great word!

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