Posted by: kathryngraves | February 19, 2016

Friday Fashion Tip

Spring fashion season is almost upon us. The weather where I live has been so mild we almost think it’s spring already. The stores are ready for us to shop, offering sales on new spring items. So if you’re ready to add a few fresh pieces to your wardrobe, I’ve rounded up some trends you might want to include.

  1. Florals. Some of the ones I’ve seen are small patterns with bright colors. Think English garden prints on dark backgrounds.
  2. Dots. Actually, all geometric prints. But dots are having a moment.
  3. Stripes. Ombre, black and white, or rainbow-hued, stripes are an important element of spring style.
  4. Button-down Shirts with rolled-up sleeves.
  5. Statement Earrings. The bigger and more colorful the better.
  6. Bomber Jackets. The past several seasons have featured moto jackets, but now the more modern silhoutte is the bomber style.
  7. Matching Denim “Suits”. Make your denim jacket the same color as your dark flare jeans.
  8. Washed-out shades of denim.
  9. Softer pastel shades of nail polish. Think blush tones from peach to pinks. Then add soft blues and purples. Shorter nails remain popular.
  10. Fringe. On a purse, shoes, sleeves, top, skirt, you name it, if fringe is added, it ups the cool factor.

Now that you have the scoop, pick your favorites and have fun with them. Don’t forget to look in the back of your closet for any long-forgotten pieces that might work with a new item. I recently pulled out a skirt I hadn’t worn in ages and paired it with a newer top. I gained a fresh outfit just by digging around in my closet!

Let me know if you find any new outfits in your closet. Happy hunting!


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