Posted by: kathryngraves | February 5, 2016

Extreme Make-Over

Do you ever wish you could win a spot on one of those make-over shows? What Not to Wear used to be one of my favorites. I’m currently absorbed in home decor and Fixer-Upper is a new fave. I recently attended an event where a free facial and make-up make-over were prizes. I really wanted to win!

You won! What I failed to realize is that a make-over is waiting just for me. In Jeremiah 19, the Lord tells Jeremiah to go to the house of the potter. The potter forms a vessel on his wheel, but it doesn’t please him, so he smashes it back down into a blob and starts over again, this time producing a beautiful piece of pottery.

The Lord wants to do the same thing to/for me. There are areas of my life that don’t please Him. I’m lopsided because I focus on one side (maybe hurt feelings) too much. I have a hole where I let Scripture leak out after I read it. I need to be made over into a symmetrical, whole jar.

It Requires Change. Sometimes we resist a make-over. We say, “I know I need to lose twenty pounds but…”, or, “I’ve always applied my make-up this way.” I’ve heard women say, “I only wear black because I’m too fat.” We are either lazy or afraid of the change needed, or we feel insecure and gain comfort from our unproductive habits.

There is freedom in trying something new. Fresh beauty and confidence radiate from a person who has just come out of a make-over session. Joy overflows from couples who see their “new” house for the first time. Weight-loss commercials are full of testimonials from those who have successfully lost their unwanted pounds. But still we resist.

Don’t Resist. Don’t resist God’s make-over too long. In the next chapter, Jeremiah went back to the potter’s house. This time a vessel that had been fired in the kiln needed a make-over. But the only option left to the potter was to smash and destroy the jar because it was hardened. We can become hardened in our habitual refusal to allow God to change us. Nobody wants to look at an ugly bowl and nobody can use a lopsided or hole-y jar. God can’t either.

What are the imperfections in your life that God might want to make over? Is rebellion your normal response to His voice, or submission? What would it look like for God to change your attitude?

Accept the Challenge. One thing I know it will look like is a happy face, relaxed from worry lines. We radiate beauty and calm when we are right with God. I want His make-over, no matter how far outside my comfort zone He may take me. How about you? Will you join me on this extreme adventure?



  1. Great word Kathy! I need to read this often!

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