Posted by: kathryngraves | January 21, 2016

Color Your World

Everything looks gray outside. Leafless tree branches criss-cross the sky, dormant grass covers lawns and snow clouds hover low. I had lunch with a friend yesterday who said she hates winter because there is no color. Is it any wonder decorating magazines herald bright colors in design trends right now?

Isn’t color the thing about spring, besides warmer temperatures, that we love? We were made to love color by our Master Designer because He does. We are made in His image and one way we know that is our desire for color and the way it conveys beauty to us.

Yes, God created the winter grays, but He also made sure the world doesn’t stay color-deprived. The riot of spring greens, pinks, yellows, reds, purples and oranges speaks joy to our souls. The verdant greens of summer speak well-being, and the fiery reds and oranges of fall inspire ooh’s and aah’s. No doubt about it, we are a people made for color. The neutrals of winter simply hone our desire for brighter hues.

Usually clothing fashion and home fashion trends overlap at least some. But this year, it seems the brights dominate home decor while softer hues reign in the clothing world. Pantone’s color of the year is actually two: blush pink and soft blue. Meant to be worn together, these pastels are intended to convey calm in the midst of a chaotic world.


The colors we choose in our homes and wardrobes are personal choices, but they do speak to others. When we select shades that are harmonious with our skin and eye tones for our clothes, the effect is pleasing. When we fill our homes with the colors we love, we reflect the beauty of the natural world.

Have you ever wondered why the natural world is beautiful? It is because the Source of beauty created it. God is the ultimate Beauty. When we desire beauty around us, it is reflective of the greater desire to be surrounded by God. Putting effort into making our homes and wardrobes beautiful is actually a nod to our Creator.

We can be intentional with our home decor so that it speaks of God to those who enter. Natural materials, handcrafted items, and whatever colors we love are a good place to start. But without space, none of it can be enjoyed. I’m not talking about dimensions here, I’m talking about clutter. We need to create space for beauty to be seen and enjoyed.

I’m going through a purge of possessions right now due to a sewer back-up and the need to re-carpet our house. I promise you, it’s like moving! This is the truth I have uncovered: my home had become a depository for twenty-plus years worth of random items needing storage. While I kept the living and dining rooms and kitchen clear, woe be to the unfortunate soul who tried to open my office closet door! And please don’t ask my children about the state of my basement.

Many trips to donation drop-offs and several trash bins-full later, things are taking shape. What I realized, now that there is space to see, is that my rooms lack color (except the kitchen, where the walls sport a cheerful yellow wallpaper). I’m like my friend–I do not prefer the neutrals of winter; spring color makes me happy.

The walls of my home are filled with original landscapes painted by my grandmother and fine art photography nature-scapes by my son. I need to take cues from these treasures as I work to fill the rooms with color. In the process, I will bring glory to God for His amazing creation.


Painting by Katie Lue McKinney

What colors fill your home? Can you see past the clutter to the color? Have you created space for beauty and for God in your home? If someone didn’t know you were a Christian, could they gather any hints from your home decor? These are the questions I have begun to answer concerning my home. I think they are important ones for each of us to consider.


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