Posted by: kathryngraves | December 4, 2015

Friday Fashion Tip – 6 Ways to Look Younger

Most of my readers want to look younger, even if they are thirty-somethings driving minivans. So I’ve compiled 6 things that are guaranteed to help you burst out of the doldrums of your same-old same-old and freshen up your look.

1. Short fingernails with dark polish. Long, pointy nails speak older generations.

2. Shiny hair. As we age, our hair can become dull. Find a product that promises to make your hair shine. I use a few drops of organic argan oil mixed with my favorite styling gel to tame wet hair. Argan oil is known for its shine-producing quality.

3. A fresh hair style. If it’s been more than 5 years since you changed your hairstyle, try something new. Look on Pinterest for current styles. When you find some, ask your stylist which one would work best with your hair type and your age.

4. White teeth. Our teeth lose their bright white color over the years, but thanks to several products on the market, we can get it back. Take a serious look in the mirror and see if you need a whitener. This one thing can take years off your face.

5. Knee-length skirts with opaque tights. Nothing says “older generation” more than panty hose with mid-calf skirts. If you are afraid of showing your legs, the tights are your answer. I know “midi” skirts are coming back, but they tend to be full and not flattering to anyone without a willowy figure. So stick with a pencil skirt and modern tights. Your shoe can be an ankle bootie.

6. Gold Jewelry. If you are in your thirties or forties the chances you’ve never worn gold jewelry are high. Gold is hot right now, so go for it! The younger girls are loving it.



  1. Great tips! Thanks from your OLD friend!

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