Posted by: kathryngraves | October 7, 2014

The Delay is Over

Do you ever feel like your life has been put on “hold”? Circumstances have forced you to focus on something or someone other than what you otherwise would? Maybe, like me, you were diagnosed with cancer. The treatments and the fight to recover took an entire year out of my life. Maybe you have become the primary care-giver for an elderly or disabled person. Just when I thought I could get my own life back after cancer, my mother required me to take over her care until she passed away a few months ago.

After the events that kept us sidelined conclude, we can still feel at loose ends and unable to move on, at least for a while. Grief acn leave us unable to concentrate and/or unable to form a plan to move on.

Moses spent 40 years trying to recover from his epic failure in Egypt. Exodus 2 tells us how, as a cocky young prince who knew God’s plan for his life, Moses didn’t wait for God’s timing. He plowed ahead in a fit of emotion and killed an Egyptian slave driver. We don’t have to think hard to figure out some of the immediate ramifications. The Hebrews he tried to rescue just got mad at him because they probably believed they’d be blamed for the murder. The news flash flew through the word-of-mouth network in 24 hours and got back to Moses. At that point, he knew he was toast with Pharaoh. Sure enough, a bounty was put on Moses’ head. The only way out was to run.

Moses was 40 years old when he killed the Egyptian. I’m sure he thought it was high time for God to act and rescue His people. If not then, when? Moses knew he wasn’t getting any younger. Don’t we think those kinds of things? As we age, we wonder if God is ever going to use us for somethg great. We long to be more than ordinary. We think, “If not now, when?”

As Moses found out, God does have a plan for “when”. But there can be a long delay in between the time we sense His calling and the time He is ready to move. After 40 years as an anonymous shepherd in the desert, God met Moses and told him, “Go now.”

I’ve been feeling very anonymous. My plans got derailed as other priorities emerged and took over. I suppose I might have been a bit cocky before, knowing that God had great plans for me and feeling pretty special. But during my delay, I learned it’s not about me. It’s not about what I can do or say. It’s about God and who He is and what He wants to do. And when.

This morning I read Exodus 3:10. In that verse, God tells Moses the delay is over. It is time to go. Now. Moses seemed a bit shocked. After all, he was 80 years old! He’s lost all his confidence. But isn’t that what God wants from us? If we go in our own confidence, God gets lost along the way and it becomes our deal. God promised Moses He would go with him and help him.

God promises us the same thing. I am quite certain the delay is over. I heard God speak this verse straight to my heart. My bravado is long gone. But now it is time. And God will go with me.

Not only do I sense that the delay is over for me in my own ministry endeavors, but I think the delay is over for Christians world-wide. God has been waiting so that all will have the opportunity to be saved. But in the last year, the world has changed. Noting is the same anymore. Whatever complacency some of us might have had, whatever sense that our lives would just go on unchanged, is gone. It evaporated when the Americans and Brits were beheaded by ISIS. The last vestige of safety was ripped away when it happened in Oklahoma City. I believe this is the indicator that God has told Jesus to stand and be ready. The delay is over.

I think we need to be ready, on the look-out for a burning bush. We have serious work to do because there isn’t much time left. Jesus is just waiting for Michael to blow his trumpet. God’s arm is raised, ready to conduct that blast. What has God told you to do?

In case you aren’t sure what your calling is, remember, it is obedience. Do what the Bible instructs Christians to do. Be who Christians are told to be. Develop godly character. Read the Bible. Pray. Tell everyone you know how close we are to the end and make sure they have the opportunity to choose Christ. This is our great assignment.

Go. Now.



  1. Kathy, very powerful post.  So glad to have you back.  I can identify with so much of your thoughts, We have taken another path since Harold’s stroke and my health,  Lots we can’t do but I can always pray.Wanda Morgan’s Bible study on prayer has brought the scriptures alive as we read so many about the power of prayer. Lots I can’t do, but pray I can.   Welcome back.  I have missed your posts. Love you & Bo.   mary                  

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