Posted by: kathryngraves | October 16, 2012

A New Day

“You will surely forget your trouble, recalling it only as waters gone by. Life will be brighter than noonday, and darkness will become like morning.” Job 11:16-17

Says Who? Putting this verse in context, we know it was one of Job’s misguided but well-meaning friends who spoke these words. But he did speak truth concerning suffering and sin. And it did apply to Job’s future because, as we know, God restored to Job all he lost.

Tough Times. We experience days, even seasons of our lives, like Job, when we are positive we will never smile again. I know serious, prolonged illness is discouraging. We get caught up in the struggle to live through each day. We also dread what we know we’ll have to endure the next day or the next week. The ordeal is our companion that we welcome about as much as a mangy, rabid dog. We wonder how it might be to live free of our suffering, but can’t quite distinguish clear outlines in the blurry image. If we’re grieving, we don’t even want to imagine a future without our loved one. The idea is repulsive.

Help. But Jesus places a gentle hand on each side of your face and slowly turns your head to face Him, lifting your chin. His thumbs trace the tear tracks on your cheeks. And He says, “I love you.” Then He releases your face, but His eyes still hold yours and He takes your hand. “Come with me,” He says. You can’t resist His eyes and the tug on your arm. So you take one faltering step. And then another.

This description is almost the literal way Jesus Christ led me out of my dark, weary, fearful days of cancer. I needed help because even after the treatment stops, the effects don’t go away.

Hope. If Job could come out on the other side of his ordeal into a bright, sunny future, so can we. What God did for Job, He wants to do for you and me. The first steps are the hardest because we forget how to move forward. But we will surely do it, and leave the pain farther and farther behind. This statement is not merely a fact. I see it as a command. Like Lazarus, I obeyed. I walked out of my brush with death into morning sunrays. The trouble has faded and my life is like the dawn of a new day.

Just Do It. Yours can be, too. Just take those first steps. Take literal steps outside in the morning. Breathe in the fresh air and before long you’ll be amazed at your own transformation.

Photo/”Sky” by dan/FreeDigitalPhotos


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