Posted by: kathryngraves | May 1, 2012

Mother Love

Mama Cat with Baby

Charcoal by Janet Aiken, hanging in Kathryn’s home

“As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; And you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.” Isaiah 66:13

Little children always run to their mommies when they’re hurt or afraid. Even after my marriage, I called my mom for advice when I got sick and she was the one I wanted to help care for us after the births of my children. Even to this day, my 32-year old single son still calls me when he’s sick. The comfort of a mother is simply the best.

So it’s fitting that God compares His comforting us to that of a mother. This kind of comfort is certainly what I needed through the chemo part of my cancer treatment. Fortunately, I could have it. Mom lives in the same city as the medical center I chose. My husband and I would make the three-hour drive to her house the night before a treatment and come back to her house afterward, staying overnight again before heading back home. Those evenings after treatment, she fed me my comfort foods and sat with me.

After surgery, I needed to have my radiation treatments where I live because they were done every day. That meant Mom wasn’t able to comfort me physically. But she still spoke comfort to me on the phone.

Just like during my radiation, there are times when our physical mothers can’t be there. That’s when God steps in. That’s when He comforts us like our mothers. How does He do that? By whispering the right words to us. He always knows just what we need to hear. By surrounding us with other people who help.

So really, God’s comfort is even better than our mother’s. Because He is always wherever we are and always knows exactly what we need even before we tell Him. And He always says exactly the right thing.

So let’s rejoice in so great a comfort and snuggle in close.

Photo/Kathryn Graves



  1. Kathy, thank you so much for using my artwork for your post, and thank you for your encouragement and friendship, as you know God has brought me through some tough times this last couple of years and comforted me in ways no one could do but him. Your faith in your struggles have been a real inspiration to me and others and I have seen your faith grow by leaps and bounds. “GOD IS GOOD”

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