Posted by: kathryngraves | March 7, 2012

New Lesson: El Roi – He Even Uses Shopping

I got a call from the radiation clinic telling me when I would start treatment. They wanted me to come the day of the call for X-rays and then start treatment the following Monday. I squeezed the appointment into my morning before a trip to the health food store near the clinic, lunch, and a 1:00 meeting.

As part of the procedure, the technician drew the outline of the “field” on my skin. At the moment, I thought a nice, added bonus would be that I could see where the radiation would exactly be. That is, until I got into the changing room and looked in the mirror. She had used a red marker and the line went clear up to the center dip of my collar bone at the base of my throat and then angled down to the right. When I put on the cami and jacket I’d worn, it showed. I looked like I’d been cut and was bleeding!

In a small panic, I ditched the trip to the health food store and drove straight home. I tried washing the line off, with a good bit of success, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result. My 1:00 appointment was the first time I’d be in on a city-wide leadership planning meeting for my Premier Designs jewelry business. I had to look good.

But it was eighty degrees outside so I couldn’t wear a turtleneck and none of the other tops or blouses in my closet would cover the mark. Then I remembered the top I’d bought a few weeks earlier that I’d never worn because the neckline was all wrong for me. It had a sort of band that went all the way around my neck and the top fell from that. I loved it, but when I brought it home I discovered it didn’t work with any of the little sweaters I thought it would. So it hung, unworn. The only possible thing I owned that it could go with was a brown, short-sleeved, end-of-summer or early fall jacket.

The one I wore that morning. I didn’t even have to change jewelry.

God knew back when I bought the top that I’d need it on this particular day. He knew I’d need to rely on clothes to feel pretty, or even normal, that day. After all, I’d already lost my hair from chemo and suffered through surgery. He caused my eye to be drawn to a top that I normally would not have even considered because of its neckline. El Roi saw my need coming and provided for it through a shopping trip. He is always at work, even when we are unaware.

He loves you, my friend, and is always one step ahead to take care of you in the most tender of ways.



  1. Your testimony deeply moved me.
    I look forward to reading more of your writting and teaching.

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