Posted by: kathryngraves | April 2, 2008

Love Unlike Mine

I was struck this morning with a truth I’ve always known but seldom face. God’s love is so not like mine! I read Genesis chapter 37 today. Jacob sent his most loved son, Joseph, to check on the welfare of his other sons while they tended sheep a long way from home. It meant Joseph had to go away as well. The journey was risky for Joseph because of the dangers of travel in that day, but also because of his brothers’ hatred for him. Jacob knew how they felt and Joseph knew how they felt.

Joseph had already been favored by his father, which made the others jealous, and he had the audacity (in their opinion) to tell about dreams exalting him over them. They just couldn’t see past their feelings. And they had a history of acting rashly on emotion.

Knowing all this, I wondered why Jacob would have sent Joseph anyway. He surely spent the days on pins and needles wondering how Joseph would be/had been received. I am convinced it was pure love for his wayward sons that motivated Jacob. The only way he had to check on their welfare was to send Joseph.

Isn’t this a picture of God’s love for the world? He sent his very precious son to the world out of pure love. He knew what would happen and so did Jesus, but Jesus went willingly.

How much love do I have for others? How willing am I to go tell someone about the Father’s love for them even when they might hate me for it, or hurt me? I’m afraid I don’t measure up to Joseph and certainly not to Jesus. But Jesus wants us to go. Maybe we don’t have to go far, but we do have to go.

My prayer today is to be willing in the face of difficulty or rejection.


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