Posted by: kathryngraves | March 27, 2008


Our kitten, Theodore, used to have a favorite game. I would hold his catnip-filled mouse and shake it to get his attention. Then I would drag it acrosse the floor and around a corner. He couldn’t resist the temptation. He would crouch, muscles quivering, waiting for just the right moment. Suddenly, he exploded into a blur of motion and pounced on the prey. He could keep this up longer than I had interest or time to play.

I’m kind of like Theodore because I love a good hunt, too. I was digging around in the scriptures just this morning in Genesis. I found a treasure there. A tragic story, really, about Jacob’s forgotten vows to God. The resulting sin ended in the deaths of all the people of Shechem. So God had to call Jacob back to Bethel. Back to the place of his vows. Back to his vows. (See Genesis 34 and 35.)

I need to be called back to God sometimes, too. How about you. Is God calling you to Him? Jacob and his family had to put away false gods and be purified. We need to repent of the wrong things we’ve done or said and let God purify us with his word.

God “shook the mouse” in front of me and pulled me into the Bible treasure hunt. He has all the time it takes to lead me where He wants me and I’m so glad.


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